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  2. Anonymous said: Can you do a tutorial with patterns in your illustrations? Like, how you do them?

    except FAQ? which style do you want to know? x_x;;


  3. nepetaofhouseleijon said: Mistress Roxy is fabulous! Keep up the great work! :33

    ooohh gosh! thanks i’m so flattered image


  4. iluvalpacas said: may i please use your picture of SeeU in a video/ song? My youtube channel vocaloidfan301

    it’s ok ~ :)



    thanks sweeties! my OTP(also your) is always my best > <♥


  6. Anonymous said: 그림그리실때 어떤프로그램을 사용하시나요:?

    보통 80%이상은 sai 를 주로 쓰고, 막판에 얹는 텍스쳐나 콜라쥬 작업은 포토샵을 써요 :$ 저는 거의 수작업을 안하고 컴퓨터로 작업해요 (10년된 스캐너가 고장났기 때문이죠;;;^^;;;)


  7. poopostuck said: How did you get into homestuck?

    due to my friend. she is my best friend……..and first time, It was really difficult to read.. wow hard… but almost OK now


  8. kagevama said: aaaah i love your art so much (´・ω・`)


    woah thanks (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥ hehehe


  9. sylphofsweaters said: hi i'm sorry to bother you but GOSH! i love your collage art style (you can probably tell from my avatar haha) and i was wondering if you could give me a few tips? (i don't want to copy it i'm simply interested in dabbling in digital collage) if not i'm really sorry i bothered you and have a nice day! :3

    oh hi! hehe, um.. actually my digital collage is not difficult process. just repeat of ctrl+c/v welp..i’m also use to brush, but most of copy and paste. and i made simple tutorial before -> [x] if you have some paper textures, that anybody can easily do. have a nice day thanks for asking.


  10. ask-high-john-deactivated201309 said: ((안녕, fellow Korean! Just here to tell you that your art is amazing and most CERTAINLY isn't junk! Happy 4/13!


    안녕하세요! oh..thanks..ㅠㅠ yeah..sure i have a junk tag..but could you understand that junk tag is for “Less than one hour” pics and retagging is so hard omg haha… anyway happy 413 sweetheart